A business capability remains over time and describes what the business do, each business capability can then be implemented any number of times and in the way that best suites the business.

For each implementation we need to consider different dimensions, what information do we need, what technology solution we shall use, the processes we should follow to make the implementation efficient and by so how we shall organize our people to maximize throughput.

Business Capabilities are the glue that provides the different part of the company together with a common language.

By using business capabilities as your common language involved parts of the business will understand better how a change is impacting the business.

For example if we need to life cycle an application, it might be difficult to get money to do that, but if it is related to a business capability we can describe the need from a business perspective and by so business understands why we need to do this.

When business defines the new strategy, they can relate the strategy to the business capabilities and by so it will be easier for all parts of the business to understand what needs to be done and the impact.

Business capabilities describes what the business do, they can be generic and used by many industries, but they can also be industry specific and even specific to your business.

Business capabilities remains over time but the implementation change as well as the information, processes, organisation and technology.

During 1800 we lended out money, the process was simple, and needed information limited and it was enough with paper and pen to keep track of who has lended what.

In 2000 we have a lot more implementation of business capabilities, credit cards, instant loans, and bank loans that all is the same business capability but have its own implementation and needs different kind of information to function and the organisation around them is more complex.

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