The car is evolving mine on functionality so not much on the look of it

I might be focusing on improving the image in next versions

For not I am focusing on functionality and code and we have lots to do in this are

Functionality is broken apart to make it more autonomic

I use arduino to collect sensor information

I have a motor node only focusing on running engines based on input and it now has an emergency break functionality if we get to close to an object,

More information will come shortly and the latest version is always first out on git

All code is on

Its not a beautiful robot car, its hosted in a plastic luchbox.

The wall-e styled sensor on the top is not a camera, its 2 ultrasonic sensors sitting back to back on a small piece of plastic that I bought and cut in right size and heated up in oven to be able to bend it 90 degrees

The plastic is attached to a small servo that is rotating 177 degrees so not a full 180, but it is enough to cover sides and the back of the car

In the front I have an IR bumper and a ultrasonic sensor, to always watch out to the front.

You can see a small chip on the white connector board, its an arduino card I use for collecting sensor data and controlling the servo.

I collect front sensor information very frequently and sends this back and I then rotate the servo to continuously collect distance information from all angles.

As I have 2 ultra sonic sensors sitting back to back I always collect information in 2 directions, so for each servo movement I capture information.

The git site is the most updated information source for this project.

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