I have started to develop an app for restaurants and there guests


We have multiple personas

  • Waiter
  • Chef
  • Bar
  • Customer
  • Restaurant manager

All of them have different needs

I as a Waiter

  • needs and easy way to take an order
  • being notified when something is late from kitchen
  • any general notifications
  • order bill print out
  • take a payment
  • request details about a dish
  • know that customers dishes are delivered
  • to easily take an order of popular drinks and dishes today, different days might attract different dishes

I as a chef

  • Need to be efficient and make multiple of same dish if possible to speed up
  • Need to plan dish delivery to a table
  • need to be able to notify when something goes wrong

I as bar

  • needs to be able to prepare drinks for a table

I as a customer

  • Likes to order on my own when I am ready
  • likes to notifiers waiter that I need assistance
  • likes to request bill when I am ready

I as a restaurant manager

  • Needs to update menu
  • Mark dishes that is out of stock
  • Promote dishes
  • Have special dishes for different days
  • Menu of today

The list can be extended for a long time

My ambition is to create a concept that is fantastically easy to use for all stakeholders and is cheep and is easy for my to develop and deliver

If you are interested in geting involved and to test let me know

Why use this application and why support me?

My intention is that this application shall be free and enough for a restaurant

It will have some complementing goodies and support for restaurants willing to contribute with money for further development and to get the extra goodies. Exactly what goodies will exist is is unclear but the key is that the app will be free

For you that are interested in influencing it and in the end use it for free, contribute by commenting this post

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